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Open Rights Group Scotland exists to preserve and promote your rights in the digital age.


ORG Edinburgh: Is improving biometrics oversight in Scotland enough?

Join Open Rights Group and John Scott QC, author of the Independent Advisory Group report on the use of biometrics in Scotland, for a discussion on enhanced oversight of biometrics in Scotland.


ORG Glasgow: Biometrics in Scotland - What does the future hold?

This meet-up will discuss the role biometrics play in Scotland in justice, community safety, and potentially where it will lead.


ORG Glasgow: Article 13 Talk with Dr Jennifer Jones


ORG Aberdeen: Cryptonoise Meetup

Discuss digital rights issues that are in the news. Learn how you can help to protect your rights in a digital world. Bring a smartphone or laptop and browse the web anonymously, learn about these technologies and chat about the reasons we need them.