Finding the right AI Strategy for Scotland

When the Scottish Government announced in 2019 plans to develop an Artificial Intelligence Strategy, Open Rights Group (ORG) began working to ensure the strategy is aligned with fundamental humans rights.

The promise and peril of artificial intelligence

AI encompasses everything from facial recognition technology and natural language processing in chatbots to algorithmic decision-making for proposing criminal sentences. As these life-changing applications of AI multiply, the right strategy for Scotland could enable thorough evaluations of new applications of AI before they are adopted.

In May 2020 ORG submitted recommendations to the Scottish Government for an AI Strategy that limits the risk of exploitation of public data for private benefit, adopts a legal framework compatible with basic human rights, and explores the effects new applications of AI could have on Scotland’s people.

iHUMAN – AI documentary event

In December 2020 ORG teamed with Think-Film Impact Production to host a panel of high-level experts in arts and policy to review film clips from the new AI documentary iHUMAN and discuss the rising role of AI in Scotland and beyond. View the recording here.

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The Story So Far

4 key recommendations for Scotland’s AI strategy

In late summer of 2019 the Scottish Government announced that they would develop an AI Strategy for Scotland.
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