Holding Scotland’s digital Covid-19 response to a high standard

Open Rights Group (ORG) is in close consultation with the Scottish Government to ensure strong privacy protections for their test and trace system.

Following the launch of the Protect Scotland App in September, signs point toward a more privacy conscious approach in comparison with the UK Government’s plan.

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Getting proof of privacy standards

Developed by the Digital Health and Care Institute, Scotland’s manual test and trace system is a far cry from the NHSX’s bluetooth-powered tracker app. But it still involves an unprecedented collection of sensitive personal data and therefore requires privacy due diligence

Scotland’s plan uses a web tool allowing individuals with confirmed cases of Covid-19 to input contact details of people they have been in direct contact with. These individuals would then be asked to self-isolate for 14 days and to book a test if they develop symptoms.

It is vitally important that Scotland does what it can to produce clear transparent information to maintain public trust. That means documentation such as the source code, the Data Protection Impact Assessment, Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessments and clear communication of the principles behind this application should be seen as a priority.

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